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Documents Obtained in response to FOIA Request

The NCA made a Freedom of Information Act request in late April to obtain documents related to a proposed project to construct a terrace off of the west wing of the Narberth Public Library. Specifically, the NCA was concerned that the public was not well-informed about the project, that the purpose of the terrace was ill-defined, and that Borough funds were being spent on design work for a project that had not been fully vetted by the public.

Although Council has put the terrace addition project on an indefinite hold, the NCA is posting the documents it received in response to its FOIA request. Because the documents show that the Borough spent more than $40,000 on design and other expenses related to the proposed terrace addition, the NCA believes that its mission of increased public involvement and government transparency is served by making the documents available to the public.

The NCA has also prepared two summary documents. The first highlights the references to the terrace project contained in the minutes that were provided by the Borough. The second briefly summarizes salient information from the other documents produced by the Borough.

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