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Window Dressers Wanted

Want to design a window?

Window Dressers Wanted

Want to design the Civic Association's window?

The Civic Association is seeking Narbs, Nearbs, businesses and organizations who want to design and install a window display at Ricklin's Hardware. You'll get recognition for your efforts in the window and on our website. We'd like to mount a new display every one to three months, so there are plenty of opportunities!

Amateurs welcome!

You don't need to be an artist, a carpenter, or an advertising guru. You do need time, desire, something you love about Narberth and an eye-catching way to show it! Recent displays have been curated by the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, a local firm, and Borough Council.

We can help you with the window theme and installation. You can hang stuff from the walls or ceiling or stand stuff on the floor. There's an optional frameboard on which you can mount stuff, and an electrical outlet.


Ricklin's window dimensions: 39.5 x 69 x 21 inches

I'm interested! Now what?

Please email us at We'll meet. You'll pitch your idea!