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Design Narberth
The Narberth Borough Comprehensive Zoning Project

In January 2012, the Narberth Planning Commission, Narberth Borough Council and Montgomery County Planning Commission began the Narberth Borough Comprehensive Zoning Project. The Project's goals were stated in a memorandum dated January 16, 2012:

Narberth Borough, its community, and the Montgomery County Planning Commission are undertaking a comprehensive examination and rewriting of the borough's zoning standards that will focus on the design of buildings and public spaces in addition to the geography of land uses. As time passes and the borough gradually changes, the new standards will preserve Narberth's unique architectural character, walkable neighborhoods, and diverse businesses and will explore new ideas and visions where appropriate.

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proposed Narberth re-zoning: draft Euclid

Factoid: In zoning, Euclid is from Illinois, not ancient Greece.

You Can Participate

The Civic Association invites and encourages you to attend the workshops and events to bring your perspective and ideas to the discussion. The more citizens who take part, the broader and more inclusive will be the realization of the vision.

Design Narberth

Narberth Borough Hall Map

proposed Narberth re-zoning: draft

The Narberth Borough Comprehensive Zoning Project is discussed and revised at first Monday Planning Commission meetings. Currently the Commission is exploring build-out scenarios that test the limits of the draft regulations.

What could be built on your neighbor's lot under the draft ordinance? The public is urged to attend and comment!

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