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The Project's FTP website
password: NarberthFBC

...holds the original versions of the documents archived below. Here, many of them have been reduced in dimension and/or file size to facilitate viewing. The site is maintained by the Montgomery County Planning Commission.

Original Files from the FTP website

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SmartCode Links

Project Manager Sean Metrick calls SmartCode the sample ordinance that I am using to guide development of the code.

Thank you, Mike Alexander, Borough Coucil member.
Mike writes the Narberth Borough Council Calendar.

Project Manager Contact Information

Sean Metrick, AICP
Senior Design Planner
Montgomery County Planning Commission

Narberth_2012 photostream on Flickr
Narberth streetscapes and buildings

Proposed Zoning Map: Draft

proposed Narberth re-zoning: draft Proposed Zoning Map - May 14, 2013 Draft 310 KB
Presentation of the Draft Code 875 KB


Statement of Purpose for a new Zoning Code 56 KB; 14 October 2011
1/16/12 136 KB; Memorandum stating the goals of the project and how the process will work.
02/06/12 135 KB; first steps at the February 2012 workshop
02/06/12 questionnaire 130 KB; answering these questions produced the Neighborhood Character map below

Project Time Line 448 KB
1999 Downtown Survey 456 KB; Survey (7 questions) and collated results: opinions on downtown Narberth; 201 people responded
PDF of the PowerPoint presentation at March workshop 890 KB
PDF of May 23 Open House PowerPoint presentation 228 KB
July 2 workshop presentation 534 KB

total buildout
Downtown Narberth rebuilt under current zoning. Buildout calculations

Narberth Civic Association Buildout of Downtown Narberth close pop-up

27,800 sqft office, 34,312 sqft retail, 82 housing units

Off street parking:
demand ~527 spaces, supply ~525 spaces

Image by Sean Metrick

Maps & Plans

Land Use Map 478 KB
This is the "Big Map" that has been hanging on the wall at each workshop: Narberth building footprints, parcel lines, buildings color-coded for their land use.
Neighborhood Character map 1145 KB
Current Narberth zoning 143 KB; June 2012

During the May Workshop, the attendees divided into teams to re-develop three parcels in Narberth to illustrate what we would like to see at these locations:
resi_rede_1b.pdf 111 KB; a residential property on Woodbine and Forrest (Map)
comm_corr_1b.pdf 115 KB; a triagular lot on the commercial corridor at Montgomery and Price (Map)
town_cent_1b.pdf 109 KB; a town center commercial building at Forrest and Windsor (Map)

SmartCode Rural-Urban transect
The SmartCode's Rural-Urban transect; where the proposed code places Narberth on this continuum. The zones described (PDF)
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