Welcome to Narberth!

The Civic Association is pleased to announced that it has endorsed the Narberth 2050 Vision Principles

Read the Narberth 2050 Vision Principles

What is the Narberth Civic Association?

The Narberth Civic Association is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. NCA members and its Board are your neighbors, who volunteer their time and energy to promote the civic interests of the Borough of Narberth.

What does the NCA do?

  • We serve as an information source and facilitator of civic dialogue.
  • We encourage transparent government and citizen involvement.
  • We stage and support community events and volunteer projects.
  • We also have fun! (at events such as NarbEarth Day, the Winter Potluck, & the Narberth Contra Dance)

The Civic Association and Open Government

Over the past several years, the NCA has worked with our elected public servants and the Borough staff to improve your access to information and lower barriers to your input and involvement.

An example is the NCA's request that the Borough government post on its website its policies, practices and procedures regarding public access to government records. That information is now available on the Borough's website.

Another example is our Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the proposed terrace addition to the Narberth Community Library. In response to public interest in the origin and intention of the project, and given its escalating proposed cost, we have obtained and posted the relevant documents along with a document summary produced by the NCA Board.

A hundred years ago in Our Town

Our Town

Narberth, PA.,


Let us make it a plan, from to-day on, to buy everything that we can from our home stores, where quality and prices will admit of our doing so.

Such action makes for the good of any community.

Very few towns as small as Narberth can boast of so many well-equipped and up-to-date enterprises. They must have our support to succeed, and we need them in our growing town.

Read the October 21, 1915 edition of Our Town

Download the October 21, 1915 edition of Our Town

Check back each week for an excerpt from the edition of exactly one hundred years ago. Our Town was published 1914 - 1927 by the Narberth Civic Association. About Our Town